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The Original PEZZI® Gym Ball: the perfect variant of the chair

Sitting down must not be passive behaviour. The mobility of the Original PEZZI® gym ball automatically means a more active attitude assured by the need to maintain and constantly re-establish balance. These, slight, hardly perceptible posture adaptation reactions guarantee a dynamic way of sitting with an active utilisation of the muscles of the back. The Original PEZZI® gym ball does not represent, however, an alternative to the chair, but a simple variant. It is necessary to learn, by exercise, how to sit correctly and erect on the ball and, at the first signs of tiredness, pause or pass to a traditional chair with a back.

The five fundamental rules for a correct sitting posture

Choosing a ball of suitable dimensions
Decide on a ball with a diameter suited to the size of the body.When seated, the buttocks must be a little higher than the knee joints. Only in this way will it be possible to guarantee the best position for the pelvis and therefore for the vertebral column also.

Hold tight
Sit on the original PEZZI® gym ball.To keep in balance rest your feet on the ground and keep your legs open. Your thighs must be turned in the same direction as your feet. In this way it is possible to avoid an unbalanced distribution of the load on the articulations of the knee and foot. Make sure your feet are kept firmly in a position that prevents you from slipping.

Putting the pelvis in position
Put your hands (with the palms turned upwards) between the ball and the buttocks. Move the pelvis forward and backward (making the ball roll slightly) until the two protrusions of the ischium are felt well.
As soon as the body is felt to weigh vertically with the ischium on the hands it will mean that the body has taken on the ideal position of the pelvis. Abandon the arms along the sides, touching the ball with the tips of the fingers. Maintain this position.

Straight Thorax
Check the position taken on by the chest and imagine having a lamp focused on the sternum. The light coming from the lamp must not illuminate, neither the floor nor the ceiling but it must instead be projected horizontally forward. Let the arms dangle along the body or rest them on the thighs. Breathe as normally as possible and maintain this position.

In this way everything is balanced
“Stretch” your neck – help yourself by thinking of a marionette hanging tied to its hair. The head sort of rests on the upper cervical vertebra. You will be in a position of perfect equilibrium and you will have taken on the best sitting position. Remember that taking on an active posture in no way means “holding your breath”.

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