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Indispensable relaxation

Even a correct position can become unbalanced as time passes. Regaining balance is guaranteed by carrying out contrary movements and by relaxing. So make one of the following exercises while at work:

Lay down…
Lay prone on the Original Pezzi® gym ball. Being well-supported by the ball, the vertebral column is flexed. The gentle stretching of the dorsal muscles produces a pleasant effect, especially in the sacral region. The dangling head is well-supplied with blood so that concentration and thought is improved. Leave this position slowly and calmly.

… stretching …
Rest your back on the ball and while holding on tightly, spread your legs and feet open. Make sure that there is good contact between you and the ball starting from the pelvis to the back of the head. If the inclination of the back should be too uncomfortable, place your hands under the back of your head. In this way the vertebral column is pulled, the muscles of the front part of the body are put under traction. Keep your eyes open to help you keep your balance better. Leave this position slowly and calmly.

… and relaxing.
Lay down supine and place your legs on the Original PEZZI® gym ball. In this way the flow of venous blood is favoured and stagnation of liquids and swelling of the lower limbs is avoided. A small pillow placed under the head and neck improves relaxation of the cervical musculature. Open your arms sideways on the ground with the palms of the hands turned upwards. Enjoy this moment of relax. Roll the ball a little, while forcefully closing and opening your hands. Leave this position slowly and calmly.

Reciprocal massage with the Original PEZZI® Activa ball
Straddle on a chair with a back. Another person will now roll one or two Original PEZZI® Activa® balls on the shoulders and on the neck as well as along the right and left sides of the vertebral column,with the pressure you prefer.We recommend using the Stimu-Roll® also. For massaging your feet, instead,we recommend Twin-Roll®.

By the way:
The Original PEZZI® Gym Ball adapts very well as a variant of the chair while doing all daily activities: In front of the TV, when on the telephone, ironing, during the coffee break or doing household chores … Never forget that in case of tiredness just go back to an ordinary chair with a back or take a few minutes off to rest from the position assumed up to that moment.

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