Ledragomma srl

From Ledragomma to Tonkey, a history of innovation that began in 1950

Ledragomma was established in 1950

New materials appear in the toy market which, from wood, become latex. The Ledragomma factory was founded in Osoppo, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, whose core business is focused on toy production.

1960 Ledragomma abandons latex and adopts PVC

Another transformation in production materials: Ledragomma abandons latex and adopts PVC. The toys take on increasingly sophisticated shapes and colours and are gain increasingly larger market shares.

The late 60s. Toys increase production

Production is extended to the creation of balls and playing balls, of different shapes and intended for various types of sports. Ledragomma produces the PonPon and, next, the first Original Pezzi® GymnastikBall in the world. The “Pezzi” brand originated from the packaging (illustrated) used in the 60s.

The 90s, more innovative materials

In search of increasingly more innovative materials, the customer range is also expanded. Sport turns into fitness, training becomes functional, new horizons in the rehabilitation sector are met by a new range of articles.

The 2000s, quality systems

Aimed at satisfying an increasingly competitive and demanding market, Ledragomma adopts quality systems certified by third-party organisations: these are ISO 9001-13485-14001. Research and development of new articles continues, including: PendyBall by Ledragomma Original Pezzi® and Original Pezzi® GymnastikBall made with a biological plasticizer.

2017. Tonkey is founded

The brand that sums up and represents Ledragomma, in its current form, a company that looks with respect to its past but oriented towards the future and the challenges to be faced today.

Tonkey by Ledragomma Original Pezzi