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Programme of exercises with the Original Pezzi® gym ball

General warming up – Mobility of the vertebral column – Balance

Keep one foot on the floor to keep your balance and rotate the other foot.

Tilt your hips to roll the ball forwards and backwards.

Move your hips to roll the ball to the right and to the left.

Walk on the spot (keep the vertebral column stable) following the movement with your hands.


Reinforce – Stabilise

Bend your trunk forward. Lift your right arm first above your head and then your left arm, one after the other. (Try not to lift your shoulders).

Lift the upper part of the body from the ball and then keep this position while stretching your arms one after the other.

Alternately raise and lower the buttocks.

Slightly lift the upper part of your body from the floor and touch the ball with your fingertips.

A) To strengthen your back, walk on your hands.
B) Keep the body stretched.
C) A variant: keep the inclined position while supporting yourself.

Stretch – Relax

Lightly oscillate with the ball. Relax.

A) Stretch the front muscles of the body.
B) Variant for good motor capabilities.

Stretch a leg and the lateral muscles of the trunk.

Stretch the posterior muscles of one leg while keeping the back straight.

Stretch the muscles of the back and scapulas.

Tonkey by Ledragomma Original Pezzi