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Ready? Go! Exercises for the back at work and at home

Nowadays, a great deal of work is done sitting down and only rarely do we move in a wide open space. The Original PEZZI® gym ball is ideal to allow, at home and in the office, to compensate this lack of movement.
Here are a few practical examples:
sit correctly on the Original PEZZI® gym ball. To work at a desk it is usually necessary to bend forward slightly. When taking on this position try not to twist the back-bone and try to bend forward while keep-ing the back straight. This requires a greater supportino effort of the back muscles but this will strengthen them and at the same time will avoid lateral pressure on the intervertebral disks.

Set the pelvis moving
Get the ball to roll with oscillatory forward and backward, right and left movements of the pelvis. If, when doing this, you put your hands on your back, you will feel the movement of our vertebral column in the area of the sacrum. As you will by now have understood, movement improves the delivery of nutritional substances and helps to prevent cramps and contractions.

Regenerate by jumping
Starting from the correct sitting position – hands on the thighs or arms dangling along the sides – press your feet hard on the ground while jumping lightly. In this way the compression ratios of the intervertebral disks vary. The back muscles are induced even more to maintain balance and to stabilise the vertebral column. Never lose complete contact with the ball. This exercise has a regenerating and refreshing effect on the body and mind.

Relaxing in front of the screen
Those who work in front of a screen often suffer from muscular rigidity and contractions that appear mainly in the cervical region. In this case it may be useful,every now and then,to massage the back of the neck with closed eyes or looking out of the window. The head must then be slightly tilted to the right and to the left and doing rotatory movements, not complete. Even the chest needs modest side and rotatory bending. Every so often loosen up the shoulders and the arms.

Maintaining the erect position is an exercise of physical resistance
As soon as muscle fatigue is noticed go to a chair with a back that may offer your back good support, or take a brief pause but taking up a typical coachman’s position.

A pause can be alternated with sitting down
Sometimes the activity carried on is not always done sitting down. So, for example when on the telephone, stand up, stretch your muscles and breathe deeply.

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