Ledragomma srl

The Original Pezzi® ball for gymnastics

Scarce movement or incorrect movement represent a rather serious problem for our era. Within the limits of our possibilities we should try to avoid such a situation during our daily activity or compensate this lack of movement in our free time. The lessons of physical education done with the Original Pezzi® ball are a valid and ideal alternative. This game with the Original Pezzi® ball, almost imperceptible when done seated, becomes more enjoyable in its most dynamic form – gymnastics. The ball becomes a sort of active playmate; the exercises have clear and well-defined scopes. A great number of efficient exercises will be learnt sometimes, under the guidance and control of an expert. Playfully and in the best way not only an adequate use of force will be stimulated, but also the necessary physical resistance, the capacity for co-ordination, mobility and ability. The hours of physical education performed with the Original Pezzi® gym ball and under the guidance of an expert increase the general well-being by favouring the physical training that permits carrying out normal daily activities with ease and react better to unusual situations.

Tonkey by Ledragomma Original Pezzi