Ledragomma srl

Ledragomma is a certified company and its products are Made in Italy to guarantee excellent quality.

Discover the exclusive Flexton Silpower® special material for your safety.

The patent gives rise to the exclusive Flexton Silpower® material, used for the Maxafe® line, where the safety factor is further strengthened, in fact, in case of small cuts or punctures, the balls slowly deflate (Slow Deflation Method). The articles in the Maxafe® line are particularly attractive in appearance and offer a soft and velvety surface. In addition, cuts up to 5 mm. or small holes can be repaired with the appropriate Fixa-Kit. Patent No. EP 1 409 088 B1 – Patent No. US 7,144,354 B2

Ledragomma products are always traceable

In conformity with the Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745, our products are traceable through a code that identifies the month and year of production. This code will be used to identify the date and in particular the lots of materials used.

The code consists of 4 digits and is applied both on the boxes used for the packaging and on the article itself. Where application on the article is not possible, it is affixed to the white part of the instruction leaflet.

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