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A good beginning

Already in childhood we can find problems arising from posture and disorders of the back. Sitting for long spells is not natural for children and is even more dangerous for us adults. As a rule, then, parents and teachers should guarantee a sufficient number of different possibilities for movement. With the experience matured during motor activity, the child learns and trains its capacity for co-ordination, the correct use of force and the most suitable
reactions to different situations. When we teach our children a healthy style and attitude of life, the best help we can give our children and ourselves is practice in first person together with recreation and movement suitable for their age. And then if the Original PEZZI® gym balls become part of the standard equipment for the home and school, then there are already all the premises for obtaining straight and healthy backs.
Consider the following points regarding the sales of the Original PEZZI® gym balls:

  • Even for children the ball represents a variant of the chair normally used for work and not its substitute.
  • The ball must be chosen according to the dimensions of the body.
  • Children learn to take on a correct posture when sitting if they have a good example to follow.

The ball, much more than just a traditional chair, meets children’s natural and healthy urge for movement.
Children invent their own individual exercises. Support and encourage their playing with the ball by creating sufficient space; but try not to leave them to themselves, especially if they are very small. The gym ball is not suitable for children under 36 months of age.

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