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Exercises for the back effortless and without sweating

A great number of the health problems that afflict us, among which back-ache, are the result of our “modern” style of life. We sit down for too long – on school benches, at work and even during our free time. This lack of movement leads to the loss of the natural training of our musculature in the end becoming a very serious factor of risk for our health. Reinforcing the muscles of the back and adequately sufficient motor activity not only prevent possible back-aches but at the same time the wellbeing of the body and the mind is also stimulated.
There is a whole series of difficult and tiring methods that wasteful not only because of the time needed but also for the money spent, and then usually only have some sense and efficacy when applied under the guidance of an expert. Nevertheless, not all revel in practising this kind of physical exercise. The Original PEZZI® gym ball instead, offers the opportunity of keeping your back fit, without effort or sweat, when you are free from normal working activity and during spare time. Just sit on the Original PEZZI® gym ball every now and then, and consider it a sort of movable chair that stimulates the muscles of the back to preserve a certain amount of support and balance. In this way you no longer just sit statically, but dynamically. It is a simple method for training the back, efficacious and tested – it can even be used as a simple pastime.

Tonkey by Ledragomma Original Pezzi