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Athlete’s Sensorial course

Athlete’s Sensorial course

Tonkey offers all the tools to restore or develop proprioception with the Sensory Journey for the Athlete. After a trauma, one is in a particular condition and this sensitivity can be lost: the communication network between the central nervous system and the muscles is blocked; the response is inadequate. There are exercises and tools that are able to restore or develop proprioception, the Sensory Journey for the Athlete was developed precisely in this perspective and, therefore, is a truly effective ally.

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ActivaDisc 40 cm  2 pcs
FitSit 38 cm  2 pcs
HalfBall 14 cm  6 pcs
Hand Pump Kit 19 cm 140 Cc  1 pcs
Plug remover  1 pcs
Exercise Guide  1 pcs
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