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Core Stability Kit 1

Core Stability
Kit 1

An essential tool kit for creating training programs. Useful for everyone, essential for athletes. The harnesses used, the ability to modulate the weight of the items by varying the amount of water introduced inside, guarantee maximum versatility combined with the characteristic and desired instability.

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Kit Content

GymnastikBallMaxafe® 42 cm  1 pcs
Harness GymnastikBall 42 cm  1 pcs
GymnastikBall Maxafe® 65 cm  1 pcs
FormulaFitcore Maxafe® 75 cm  1 pcs
Harness FormulaFitcore Maxafe® 24×75 cm  1 pcs
FormulaFitroll Maxafe® 78 cm  1 pcs
ActivaDisc Maxafe® 40 cm  2 pcs
ActivaDisc 40 cm  1 pcs
Eolo 5  1 pcs
Plug remover  1 pcs
DVD “Core Stability” Kit 1 e 2  1 pcs
Warning  1 pcs


The DVD “Core Stability and Functional Strength by Ledragomma Original Pezzi®” contains the exercise program and instructions for the use of tools with special harnesses and load modulation through the use of different capacities.

Tonkey by Ledragomma Original Pezzi