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With this document, pursuant to the obligations under the European norm (European Regulation 2016/679, GDPR) and successive amendments, as well as the stipulations of the General Provision of the Privacy Guarantor of 8 May 2014, Ledragomma srl, the owner of the processing, offer the users of the site www.ledragomma.com and www.tonkey.it certain information relative to the cookies used.

A cookie is a simple text file that is downloaded by the computer (or any other device used for navigation) to archive information connected with navigation on a certain site. Cookies are downloaded by Web Server that hosts the site and by browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) used by the end user. These files exist in the user’s device and are used/read during successive visits to the site.

During navigation the user may also receive cookies that are sent via different sites to his/her computer (so-called “third parties”), that are directly imposed by the managers of these web sites and used for the aims and according to the means defined by these.

Technical cookies
This type of cookie permits the correct functioning of certain sections of the site. They can be of two types.

These cookies are used to collect information about the use of the site.

This type of cookie integrates functions developed by third parties within the site pages such as icons and preferences expressed over the social network in order to share the content of the site or for software services offered by third parties (such as software to generate maps and other software for additional services). These cookies are sent from the domains of third parties or from site partners that offer their functions via the pages of the site.

These are cookies required to create user profiles to send advertising messages in line with preferences manifested inside the site page. These types of cookies require direct consent for their use.

The site www.tonkey.it uses technical cookies, for which no consent from the interested party is required as pursuant to Art. 122 of the privacy code and the Provision of the Guarantor of 8 May 2014. The site also uses third party cookies for the operation of Google Maps. More precisely the site uses:

Cookie Name Type Use Duration First or Third Party
cookiesDirective Technical Cookies technical cookies that help with navigation by the user, recognizing him/her and preventing the information note on cookies contained in the banner reappears upon connection to the site made within the expiry period. 1 month First Part
Icl_visitor_lang_js Technical Memorize the language. Redirects users based on the browser language and offers content in this language if available 1 day First Part
Icl_current_lang_js Technical Memorize the current language. 1 day First Part
wpml_browser_redirect_test Technical Test to verify that cookies are enabled Session First Part
Preference For users of the Maps Embed API, Google uses cookies to determine the number of single users of the API. The registered users are identified by their Google cookie that is also used to provide a customized experience. For users who have not registered, Google uses an anonymous cookie for each single user. Third part

Cookies can be limited or blocked via special browser settings. If a user does not intend to memorize certain cookies in his/her computer, he can configure the Web browser in an appropriate manner. The user can choose to block all the cookies or only specific ones. The user can choose to eliminate the memorized cookies on his/her navigation device at any time. The settings must be separately modified in each browser or computer used.

Correct functioning of the Web site cannot be guaranteed if the cookies have been blocked. Certain functions may not be available or you may not be able to view certain pages.

Each browser has different procedures to manage settings. Specific instructions are available to the user via the links below:

Settings for flash cookies can be changed by visiting this link:impostazioni cookie flash. Please visit this link for information on cookies stored on your terminal and to deactivate them individually: Your online choice. You can prevent Google Inc. from detecting the cookies generated by the site and from reading the same, by downloading and installing this plugin for your browser: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

This site contains third party cookies, in particular cookies that relate to Google Maps and permit the insertion of the Google map in the site. Please consult this link for complete information about the data managed by the map: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=it&gl=it

Given the dynamic nature of the Web, it is not always possible to control the cookies that are memorized by third parties via a Web site.
The user is therefore asked to notify us of cookies of this type that are not included in the previous list.
This note may required modifications. We are therefore authorized to change the content of this information note and the cookies included in the list at any time and without prior notice. The most updated version can be consulted in this text.

The rights of the interested party are described within the Privacy Policy, which may be referred to.

The Owner of the processing is Ledragomma Srl with offices in Via Giovanni De Simon snc, 33010 Osoppo – (UD), that can be contacted at 0432/986049 and info@ledragomma.com.

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